Firstly students need to know what the six concepts of music are:

  • Pitch
  • Duration
  • Timbre/Tone Colour
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Dynamics & Expressive Techniques

Students will also need to know:

  • 4/4 and 2/4 Time
  • Treble clef
  • Bass clef
  • Percussion clef
  • Repeat symbols
  • Articulation markings
  • Note values
  • Triplets
  • Natural Minor Scale
  • Flat Signs
  • An Instrument
  • How to blog
  • How to navigate around a Mac

Student will be show but some may know:

  • how to use effects pedal
  • how to connect pedals
  • how to use garageband
  • how to bounce garageband file to mp3
  • ensemble awareness

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