The special needs student extension will be performing with and as part of the class performance. They have there own part for vibraphone that is a combination of both the tune and the treble accompaniment. The vibraphone will have two microphones picking up its sound. These mics will go through a delay pedal and to an amplifier. This student has an extremely difficult task of finding the perfect balance between the vibrato of the instrument and the effect of the delay pedal.

Here is a front view of the rough set up of the instrument…

There is a separate part for this student:

This student will be asked to blog the same as every other student. However when commenting on the recording they must have a just focus on their part as well as overall comments. The listening will also be similar however as well as finding a song with delay this student will also find a youtube video on the vibraphone being performed. They will blog on this and comment on how they can use it for their performance.

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