Stage: 4 – Mandatory

Music for Radio, Film, Television & Multimedia

This lesson will be carried out in 4 stages (these stages may take from 3-5 weeks approx.):

  • Quick Performance
  • Listening
  • Composing/Arranging
  • Final Performance

Each stage will unfold like this:

One: Quick Performance –

Students will as a class have a quick sight read and play through the arrangement. This only be just part of the piece (eg. first half) or maybe just some parts (eg. just the melody or just working through the harmony structure). This will give the teacher a chance to see how students will go with this lesson. What prior knowledge is know will also be shown. (A list of what prior knowledge is required is on its own page. Some things students may not know but this would be a fantastic chance to explain it to them.)

Two: Listening –

Students will listen to the piece the piece six times. Each time the students will write down a list. The list will be of terms that are demonstrated in this piece. One list for each musical concept (hence six times played):

  • Pitch
  • Duration
  • Timbre/Tone Colour
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Dynamics & Expressive Techniques

Students may easily come up with some terms (eg. for pitch words like melody, harmony and chords) while some other terms might only be known be other students, or maybe not at all (eg. for pitch words like tessitura and falsetto). The teacher may be able to even talk about certain modes and scales depending on the class.

After listening to this recording students will listen to another arrangement of the song by Herbie Handcock & Quincy Jones. A class discussion will be conducted talking about the differences between to the two arrangements. This recording will help students with their composition/arranging task next as this version as a drum kit part and tambourine part as well as an excellent overall arrangement of harmony (beautiful jazz harmonies).

Three: Composing/Arranging –

Students will still into groups of 5-6 people (depending on the class population). This will be the groups that students final performance. Before the performance however students will compose two parts to perform in the final performance. Students need to compose:

  • an extra percussion part
  • arrange a strumming rhythm for the chord progression or a notated arrangement of a harmony (like Harmony 2)

These two parts will be assessed only in the final performance. Students do not need to formally notation these parts however students may like to record down these parts in some way for their personal reference. Students will have to blog their process throughout the composition however for some assessment.

Four: Final Performance –

The last step in this lesson is the final performances from groups. A final performance will be assessed on:

  • Ensemble awareness
  • Arrangement of parts for performance
  • Fluidity of performance

The final performance should be an indicator of how well students have understood the whole lesson.


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