You have been provided an arrangement to perform in an ensemble. In groups (that you will perform in) you will compose/arrange to more part to add to this performance. You must add:

  • an extra percussion part
  • arrange a strumming rhythm for the chord progression or a notated arrangement of a harmony (like Harmony 2)

These two parts will be assessed only in the final performance. You do not need to formally notation these parts however you may like to record down these parts in some way for your personal reference.

You will have to blog your process throughout the composition however for some assessment online. You may blog about anything that happens during the process as long as it is regular. Some things to think about what to blog about may be:

  • What have you composed so far?
  • What instrument are you using?
  • Have you tried these instruments practically?
  • What has worked and what has not?
  • What are some of your inspirations?
  • How is the group participating in the composition?
  • Is there conflict within the group?
  • Are same ideas shared or are ideas all different?

Below is a video on how to compose for percussion to help you out.

Those of you who are wanting to make the percussion section more drum kit orientated may benefit from this video.


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