This page contains 2 lesson plans for high school working within the NSW Syllabus.

Lesson ONE – Skills Based

This lesson is for a stage 4 class teaching them a chord progression. It uses the Powderfinger song “Lost And Running” to help demonstrate.  Click on links below to view the lesson plan.

Chord Progression Lesson Plan PDF

Chord Progression Lesson Plan Word DOCX

Click here for a reflection on the lesson plan. The reflection is based on 3 elements: Deep Knowledge, Metalanguage and Explicit Quality Criteria. Here are some definitions of each elements if you are unaware of what they might be.

Deep Knowledge:

Knowledge is deep when it concerns the central ideas or concepts of a topic, subject or KLA and when the knowledge is judged to be crucial to the topic, subject or KLA. Deep knowledge is evident when either the teacher or the students provide information, reasoning or arguments that address the centrality or complexity of a key concept or idea, or when relatively complex relations are established to other central concepts.


Lessons high in metalanguage have high levels of talk about language. Discussion will often focus on pointing out how differing types of texts and other symbolic representations actually work; comparing and contrasting different texts; and showing how symbols can be used to construct texts, knowledge and power. Lessons low in metalanguage have no explicit talk about language. There is an emphasis on simply doing activities, without taking time out to question the structure and function of the language.

Explicit Quality Criteria:

High explicit quality criteria is identified by frequent, detailed and specific statements about the quality of work required of students. Explicit quality criteria become reference points when the teacher and/or students use the criteria to develop and check their own work or the work of others. Low explicit quality criteria is identified by an absence of written or spoken reference to the quality of work expected of students.

Lesson TWO – ICT Based

This is a lesson for stage 5. It is a composition task using ICT. This is focus on composing for film music. It uses the trailer for Ice Age 3 for students to compose to. This lesson plan is using Garageband so Mac computers are needed however it is only elementary tech stuff so can be adopted an equivalent windows program. Click on the links below to view the lesson plan.

Film Music Lesson Plan PDF

Film Music Lesson Plan Word DOCX

Click here for a reflection on the lesson plan. The reflection is based on just 1 elements: High Expectations. Here is a definition of this elements if you are unaware of what it might be.

High Expectations:

Expectations are high when teachers (or students) communicate the expectation that all members of the class can learn important knowledge and skills that are challenging for them. Students are encouraged and recognised for taking conceptual or other risks in learning. Expectations are also high when students at all levels are expected, and try, to master challenging work whether the challenge is intellectual, physical or performance-based. Expectations are low when little is asked of students in terms of conceptual challenge or risk taking. They are also low when teachers (or students) communicate that they do not expect some students to be able to do the work.


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