Instrument and its repertoire

– Focusing on guitar for first part

Firstly Listen to this clip and answer the following question below.

Andy McKee’s “Drifting”

What techniques does this guitarist use?
to answer question search the internet for information on what the techniques are (they have been covered in class) and post on your own student blog.
Now watch these two clips

“Africa” by Toto

“Africa” by Andy McKee

How has Andy McKee arranged this song to suit the guitar? Think about how each instrument from the original is represented describing tone colour.
Also post answer in your blog

Now choose a pop or rock song that you like and arrange it for one instrument. Does not have to be whole song just as long as the main melody/theme is present. Your arrangement should only go for 90sec – 2min. Students will perform there arrangement in class.
Here are some example of solo arrangements for other instruments.

Mario theme on Marimba

Africa for voice

Master of Puppets on piano


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