Andrew Negus
Andrew Negus

Percussionist/Composer/Producer/Music Educator


Masters of Teaching (Secondary) – University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Music – University of Western Sydney


NSW Band Association

Hills Music Academy Inc.

NSW Teachers Institute


Andrew started playing percussion in 1998 through the Crestwood Primary School Junior Band. It is now 17 years later and he is still playing percussion in many different styles, such as rock, jazz, big band, concert band, orchestral, country, electronic, funk, acoustic and many more. Playing across Australia with many ensembles as well as abroad. He has also extended his instrumentation to be proficient in guitar and handy with keyboards and synthesizers.

“Authorised Anarchy” – 2014 (Photo by Andrew Negus)

Out of the array of instruments he plays his personal favourite is the vibraphone. This can also be noted through his biggest passion in music, composition. He has composed for a number of ensembles and instruments. One of his most noticeable would be “Spooky Metal” (2010) for Vibraphone Duo. He has also composed for film and other screen media.

Still shot from Jagged Stone’s “Take Control” video clip

He was the drummer for the successful Sydney country rock band ‘Jagged Stone’ from 2010 till 2014. He was a contributing songwriter to the ensemble. Synth, extra guitar and percussion work was also carried out by him during recording sessions. He is currently the drummer in the Sydney rock group ‘The Loveless‘.

Promo shot from Jagged Stone EP launch

As well as being a rockstar he is also one half of the composition duo The Sonic Nebula. They compose background and theme music for a variety of screen media such as film, television and video games. Services are also available through them are; session work, songwriting, lessons, workshops, demonstrations, producing, mixing and mastering. Formed in 2011 The Sonic Nebula has been working hard to refine its compositions and now produces project for many businesses.

The Sonic Nebula Logo
The Sonic Nebula Logo

He wishes to share all his knowledge from all of his experiences so far with others to help further educate his skills as a musician as well as mentor many future fantastic musicians. From 2014 – 2015 he was teaching music at Riverstone High School in Western Sydney and is currently looking for teaching employment. At high school he has also taught, and continues to teach, Technology Mandatory (Woodwork, Computers & Video Game Making) and Special Education. He has also been the Careers Advisor at Riverstone High School. He services are provided as a session musician, tutor, teacher, producer, musical director and composer.

Twitter: @neguspercussion


Andrew Negus performing with HMA 2008

One thought on “About Me

  1. Jerome Goldschmidt says:

    Dear Andrew Negus,

    My name is Jerome Goldschmidt. I am a professional percussionist based in the NYC area, and co-creator of the “PercussionTutor” app foriPhone. PercussionTutor is an educational app for dedicated world percussion enthusiasts. The app and its free companion book ( feature a unique library of world rhythms and instruments played by first-rate NYC percussionists and drummers.

    I believe that PercussionTutor is an exceptional and helpful tool for musicians of all proficiency levels and styles, and superior to other educational companion apps on the market. As a fellow musician, I’d love to get your thoughts on this.

    Here is what Damian Erskine (bassist) has to say about the app:

    Here is also a link to our official website, which contains playable content and screenshots:

    If you’d care for more information on the app, please e-mail me. I can arrange for my team to send you a free version of the app. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Jerome Goldschmidt

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